I help people break through obstacles to their health.

Feel stuck? Allow me to help you with your journey to improve yourself. Each of us has our own journey, and we want to be a better version of ourselves. Start where you are, end where you desire. Join us!  You are worth it!

About Lindsay

Lindsay's desire to improve herself began many moons ago growing up as a competitive gymnast. Gymnastics is one of the most physically demanding sports that someone can do. She placed high demands on her body from a very young age and was always looking for an edge. Lindsay earned a full-ride scholarship to a Division I University for gymnastics.

There, Lindsay followed the advice of her coaches, but it turned out that the male coaches were giving her the same workouts they gave the men. She became big, bulky, and didn't like her body anymore. She pushed so hard she got injured and could no longer compete. 

Since then, Lindsay returned to the bodyweight exercises that propelled her to get her scholarship. She incorporated other modalities to help keep her body and mind at its best.

Even after having 3 kids, Lindsay looks incredible. She loves coaching people across the country to better themselves, and the results speak for themselves. Lindsay has methods to help you overcome challenges of mind, body, and spirit.