Build a solid nutritional foundation for yourself and family

Imagine feeling confident about what you put in your body. We created our fruit, vegetable and berry blends to help you bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you do eat, every day.

Live Better!

A healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead of attempting to conquer your health goals all at once, what if you started by setting smaller, more manageable goals? Making simple changes along the way can lead to great health benefits down the road.


Delicious, On-the-go plant-based nutrition

Complete by Juice Plus+ shakes and bars are the perfect way to support your day, whether you’re going from meeting-to-meeting, picking up the kids or finishing a workout. Our Complete products provide balanced plant-based nutrition for healthier snacking throughout the day.

Quad Capsules

Fruit, Vegetable, Berry Blend, PLUS omegas!

Also called The Protective Plus product combination, the Quad is an easy and sustainable way to add plant nutrition to your diet every day, so you can continue being active with the people you love.


A Plant-based omega blend to support your vision, brain, and heart

Take plant-based omegas and live sustainably! The Omega Blend capsules are sourced from plants and algae which makes them a better alternative to fish oil capsules.

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