Ready To Unleash Your Brilliance?

Release those hidden mind-body patterns that are inhibiting your natural brilliance and willpower so you can design your BEST LIFE! 

How It Works

rREST® is an innovative, mind-body technology.

rREST® is the fastest and most effective tool available to break through the blocks that are currently holding you back from creating the long-lasting success you desire. It can quickly and permanently eliminate subclinical stress response patterns that were generated very early in your life and were reinforced by adversity throughout your lifetime.

What A rREST® Session Is Like


Arrive on time. Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to breathe deep, slow down, and reflect.


The session starts with grounding work to help you get into a peaceful headspace.


With some helpful guidance from Lindsay you will isolate a particular issue that you have been struggling with. The session is a mixture of discovery and guided meditation. Clients often leave feeling like they have discovered something new, explored an event that has been repressed, and created a new framework to view that event. 


After the session, drink lots of water for the rest of the day and eat healthy. 

rREST® Removes The Emotional Drag

Have you ever felt like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders or something sitting on your chest?

  • Psychologists prescribe drugs to numb you from the emotional drag you are carrying...
  • Therapists give you the tools to better manage the emotional drag, but the drag is still there... 
  • Resiliency techniques make you stronger so the emotional drag is lifted...

rREST® is the first modality we've found that actually takes the emotional drag away!

rREST® Explained

Watch Mitra interview Christie Nix, one of the founders of rRest® about the benefits.

Listen To Lindsay's Personal Story

rREST® Co-Founder, Dr. Mitra Ray describes how rREST® works. Lindsay's story starts around minute 9:00. 

What Our Clients Say